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If you’re new to martial arts, finding the right boxing gloves can be pretty challenging. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect model is crucial because it will not only improve the quality of your training sessions but also prevent injuries.

Check this article & watch the explanation video to be sure to make the right choice!

First of all, what are boxing gloves for?

Boxing gloves are essential for the practice of all striking sports, such as Boxing, Muay Thai or MMA. Boxing gloves are designed with two purposes in mind:

1) To protect your hands and wrists from injury,

2) To protect your opponent or sparring partner by absorbing the impact.

Boxing gloves should be rigid enough to ensure wrist and hand stability but at the same time smooth enough to not injure the person you are boxing with.

How to choose the right size of boxing gloves?

While picking out your new (or first ever!) boxing gloves, you want to choose the right weight and NOT the right size. Contrary to what one might think, the weight (size) of boxing gloves - usually expressed in ounces (Oz) - does not depend on the size of your hand but rather on the usage and the way you practice.

If you are looking for a boxing glove for competitions, go for a 10oz or even 8oz glove. This will also fit teenagers and kids.

If you want hybrid (all-purpose) boxing gloves, go for the 12 oz if you are lightweight (under 70 kg) or 14 oz if you weigh more than 70 kg. This is also a good option for the boxing newcomers - a pair of boxing gloves of 12oz or 14oz.

For more experienced athletes, you'll want to pick the weight of your gloves according to the specific type of training. Lighter gloves for precision work (mitt work), heavier gloves for bag work, and the heaviest gloves for sparring, where we usually recommend 16oz and 18oz.

The golden rule is that the size (weight) of gloves will depend on your weight and the intensity of your sessions. 

How to choose the right model of your boxing gloves?

Globally on the market you will find different types of boxing gloves:

1) Entry level: Boxing gloves with injected foam

These offer proper protection at an affordable price. For example, CONTENDER 2.0 - BLACK/WHITE-GOLD edition will be a good choice for the beginners looking for the good quality at low price.

2) Boxing gloves with multiple layers of foam

These are the type of gloves you should favor when you start practicing in a more regular way. This type of equipment has different types of foams spread over the different parts of the glove (for example, they have a more resistant foam on the impact zones).  

Multi-layers boxing gloves provide increased efficiency and protection. They offer: 

  • Better impact feeling: you can really see how hard you hit! 
  • Better shock absorption: the foam is denser on the impact zones 
  • Better weight distribution 
  • More durability: more balanced, multi-layers boxing gloves will be with you for many years!
3 models of Venum boxing gloves including pro boxing gloves

How are Venum boxing gloves different from other brands?

Venum gloves are designed with greater attention to detail. With a team of professional athletes, the best in the world, the brand always takes into account their feedback to improve its products. Cyril Gane, Vasyl Lomachenko, Valentina Shevchenko… Venum has gathered the world's best athletes to bring their expertise and help develop and create products.

The R&D aspect of Venum boxing gloves is also of great importance. The premium ranges from the (Elite, Giant, Pro Boxing) are the fruit of a work between French research and Thai generational know-how. Venum boxing gloves are tested in our Venum Training Camps globally with the best athletes in the world, and made to withstand extreme use!

Cyril Gagne UFC Fighter wears Venum boxing gloves