Venum x Angry Birds Kids Boxing Collection

Venum x Angry Birds | 3 Ways Boxing helps children build strength and confidence

Develop Your Child's Skills through Boxing

Did you know that combat sports, and particularly boxing, helps children become stronger, more resilient and more confident

Venum has teamed up with Angry Birds - the popular video game for kids around the world - to bring you a complete line of apparel and equipment, including kids boxing gloves designed to inspire children to take up boxing an early age. Using the distinctive colors of this popular game, this collaboration was designed to be a stepping stone to the world of boxing, while having fun! 

Still not sure? Below are three benefits of getting kids into boxing...

3 Ways Boxing Helps Children Thrive:

1. Boxing helps children exercise in a controlled, safe way.

The first advantage of boxing is that it allows children to burn off the pressure of a stressful day! Learning key boxing skills on punching bags, by hitting focus mitts and reflex balls are all amazing ways for children to channel that endless energy! They'll have fun, be safe and build a solid foundation of fitness.

2. Boxing is an ideal sport to give children a taste for competition.

Like all combat sports, boxing is a discipline that is practiced against an opponent. In a gym, on a ring, the challenge is to surpass oneself and secure a victory. Boxing also teaches self-control and modesty, the fact remains that a child will often want to give everything to win. In addition, boxing instills martial values such as self-control and respect for one's opponent.

3. Boxing is an excellent way to develop self-confidence.

A key benefit of having children learn to box is to build their self-confidence. By learning from their mistakes, by mastering their bodies, by understanding the interest of physical preparation, boxing helps children improve their relationships with themselves. They will gradually know themselves better, to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and to give the best of themselves in the ring. Because learning how and when to strike means learning to listen to themselves and, ultimately, learning to trust themselves.

Want to learn more about how boxing helps children gain confidence and channel their energy? Click here to discover our exclusive video series presented by Samir - professional fighter and coach!

All Martial Arts, but not least boxing, helps children in countless ways, from learning to harness their energy and handle stress safely to becoming more disciplined, decisive and mature. Venum x Angry Birds is a collaboration developed to inspire even the most timid child to try boxing at home and feel confident in themselves. Who knows, you may have a future champ on your hands...

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