VENUM x REORG | Dedicated to Those Who Fought For Us

Sarah Edson

Posted on March 15 2023

Venum x REORG

VENUM x REORG: "Give Time, Time"

A collaboration dedicated to those who fought for us. 

The VENUM x REORG collaboration was born out of mutual respect for veterans, military and emergency service personnel. Life is full of challenges and difficulties, and sport is a way to get back on track.

100% of profits from sales of this exclusive new collection will go towards supporting REORGa global non-profit organization that supports military, veteran and emergency service personnel who suffer from severe life-altering physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. REORG helps them regain their footing in everyday life through the practice of combat sports, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

BJJ can provide an outlet for individuals to heal, to regain camaraderie and purpose. A daily practice that gives time, time.

Reorg x Venum collaboration. Two fighters grappling.
Photo: James Bridle | @jamesbridlephoto​​

VENUM x REORG: Fightwear & Sportswear

The VENUM x REORG collection includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis (kimonos), a long-sleeve no-gi rash guard, fight shorts, tracksuits and sports bags. Available in back and sand colorways.

Each piece has been carefully designed to combine the VENUM and REORG logos for a striking style that stands out on the mats and on the street.

In choosing a piece from the VENUM x REORG collection, you'll be supporting the life-changing work of REORG. 100% of profits goes directly to the nonprofit.

Venum x REORG jiu-jitsu kimono
Photo: James Bridle | @jamesbridlephoto​​


VENUM is proud to work with REORG in supporting those who fought for us. VENUM and REORG stand by all fighters. Beyond performance, we want to foster the values of integrity and solidarity daily. 

Below is a more information about the work of REORG.

The Problem

The challenges of frontline duty can leave military personnel and first responders facing severe mental and physical difficulties. Problems often get worse once they leave the service and no longer have the camaraderie and support of colleagues.

The Solution

Practicing juijitsu and/or functional fitness can make a massive difference in so many different ways. It gives a healthy outlet for your energy and gets you training with a group of people like-minded who are focused on the same goal. This small step can be a life saver.

Learn more at

Reorg x Venum collaboration. Female BJJ athlete looking tired but focused with her arms up resting on her head.
Photo: James Bridle | @jamesbridlephoto ​​

British Pro MMA athlete, Shanelle Dyer (pictured above), joined the VENUM x REORG launch in London. She wears the collection's long-sleeved rashguard.

Give Time, Time.

VENUM x REORG Collection. 

Film: Tyler Palmer | @tylerpalmerfilmmakerPhoto: James Bridle | @jamesbridlephoto Fighter: Shanelle Dyer | @shanelle_dyer

100% of profits from sales of this collection will go towards supporting REORG (@reorgcharity), a global non-profit organization and community that enables veterans, military, and emergency service personnel to use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Functional Fitness as a form of therapy to improve overall health & wellbeing, strengthen camaraderie & connection, renew a sense of purpose & identity, and ultimately provide a platform for continual growth & development in all aspects of their lives.

Learn more at @reorgcharity or

See the full VENUM x REORG collection HERE.

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