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Venum Pro Boxing Mini Curved Punch Mitts (Pair) - Khaki/Gold

US$ 144.90

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The Venum Pro Boxing Mini Curved Punch Mitts will help you develop your striking precision as well as your speed.

Handcrafted in Thailand, these mini punch mitts are light and promote fluidity of movement.

The outer surface of the mitt is constructed of hard foam to provide a better feeling for the striker upon impact. The inner foam chamber allows for optimal shock absorption, minimizing the risk of injury to the trainer.

Utilizing neoprene within the design allows optimal ventilation of the hand and provides long-lasting comfort.

The curved Venum pro boxing mini punch mitts combine protection, comfort, and durability. They will go perfectly with the Body Protector.

  • Professional mini punch mitts,
  • Multi-layer construction,
  • High-level protection,
  • Powerful impact protection,
  • Memory-shaped rubber sheeting,
  • Increased comfort thanks to neoprene,
  • Venum logo,

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