Kick Pads

Venum Small Kick Boxing Pad 2.0 Micro Fiber Quality - Black/White

US$ 194.90

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The small Venum Kick Boxing paos help you improve the technique, power, and precision of your shots thanks to a small strike-able surface.

Designed for coaches of semi-pro or professional fighters, these pads feature firmer padding designed to absorb more powerful shots and protect the wearer’s hands and wrists.

The cuffs are ideally placed for a better grip, and these paos are only fastened to the forearm for greater freedom of movement and to facilitate clinch-work training.

  • Small professional paos,
  • Microfiber composition for lightness,
  • Multi-layer construction,
  • Good impact response,
  • High shockwave absorption capacity,
  • Slightly inclined cuffs for optimal arm position,
  • Thick leather handle,
  • Hook-and-loop fabric strip,

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