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Venum Cellular 3.0 Punch Mitts (Pair) - Black/White

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Venum Cellular 3.0 Punch Mitts (Pair) - Black/White


The Venum Kick Boxing paos help you improve the power of your shots. This new version is made of microfiber, which is more resistant and more durable than PU.

The placement of the fingers has been revised for a better grip, they are now covered to protect them, and the new support at the wrist helps absorb impact.

For the comfort of the coach, our paos have a light foam at the level of the clip which gives better support to the wrist.


Made in Thailand, these paos are very light thanks to their microfiber composition, without sacrificing any protection.

  • Professional paos,
  • Microfiber composition for lightness,
  • Multi-layer construction,
  • High shockwave absorption capacity,
  • High finger and wrist protection,
  • Increased comfort,