Our Origins


Date of birth: 08 08 1973

Paris, France

Coming from an academic education, with a successful start as a sales manager in IT (IBM, BEA, Autonomy), Franck Dupuis decided to drop everything in 2004 to embark on the adventure of passion. Franck wanted to rid himself of the harness imposed by the hierarchy of corporations: that's why he decided to embark on the adventure of the business creation.

It was in 2004 that Franck Dupuis, then a salesman at IBM, decided to put an end to a promising career to embark on the adventure of a lifetime: the creation of the Venum brand.

His ambition: to revolutionize the world of combat sports by proposing something never seen before. 

Since the beginning, he has been pushing the development of new collections, both apparel and equipment, and is actively involved in every stage of production. Product design, quality control, sponsorship, logistics, e-commerce management...

The business began operating in 2005 and its success was dazzling: MMA fans around the world quickly adopted the brand and its innovative and revolutionary product designs. Venum had something unique to offer, something original, sometimes provocative - but the brand remains authentic, like the fighters. This is precisely what Franck Dupuis wanted to create: an iconic brand, representative of combat sports and the mentality of athletes.

The Venum adventure has grown steadily since its creation and continues to expand worldwide. This exponential growth does not prevent Franck from remaining at the heart of the creative process. In addition to his valuable shared strategic and commercial experience, he actively interacts with design and quality teams. He has been the photographer for the brand for several years, which ensures flexibility and quality but also maintains the strength of the image of the brand.


Venum continues to develop and grow, but remains proud of its origins and values. A bold brand leading industry standards, but what distinguishes Venum from its competition is its ability to innovate being at the heart, in the very DNA of the brand. A veritable "trendsetter" of combat sports, the brand is evolving its technologies and designs day after day to offer unique experience.

It has been 15 years since the beginning of this adventure. The world of combat sports has evolved but Venum is still growing in order to become the undisputed champion of this demanding and highly technical market. The taste of new challenges and most importantly, passion, have remained intact for Franck, who is still driven by the same ambition: to grow his brand and the people who work with him to take it further and further.