Shin Guards

Venum Petrosyan 2.0 Shinguards - Black/Gold

US$ 119.99

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The Venum Petrosyan 2.0 shin guards have been designed and manufactured for regular intensive use.

The designers and engineers worked alongside Giorgio Petrosyan while developing these shin guards. As is customary with Venum shin guards made in Thailand, the level of protection is as high as it comes. 

The shinguards weight has been optimally balanced so the athlete can easily forget they are wearing them during training. Finally, optimal ergonomics ensure that the shin guard always remains safely in the correct position.

  • The Thai finish calls for nothing but excellence. A collector's product!
  • Microfiber envelope (made in Japan)
  • High density foam: for better shock absorption
  • Two large hook-and-loop closures
  • Two large elastic support bands: one under the foot, the other behind the heel
  • Ergonomic design: for comfort and mobility
  • Handcrafted in Thailand

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